This week always carries a happy tone for me and brings back so many fond memories.  To me it’s the start of the holiday season but even better…it’s a week to spend time with family, friends and to just relax.  My memories from Thanksgiving growing up were going to Kerrville to visit my grandparents and lots of cousins.  While my grandmother and her helping hands would prepare an outrageous and over the top meal, my brother, sister and I along with our cousins would explore the beautiful lands of the Texas Hill Country.  And then on Friday the gals would go shopping around the small towns of the Hill Country while the guys would all go play golf.  These are memories that I will never forget!  Things are different now.  We all have our own families and plans change from year to year.  But one thing has stayed the same….we still love giving thanks, spending time with our family and creating new memories to cherish forever.

I do want to talk about a trend that has dominated Thanksgiving over the past several years and no, it’s not the actual holiday.  It’s a monster known as Black Friday.  Is it me or has this day gone from something fun to do for people to a day of all out madness?  I read an article this morning that said Black Friday is dying a slow death.  Has it finally become too much?  I mean the insanity starts on Thanksgiving Day now!  To me…this is criminal.    The sales aren’t just on Friday anymore either.  They start at ridiculous hours on Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and what ever else these giant retailers can drum up.  It’s too much!  This is not how the shopping experience should be.  Where’s the fun and holiday spirit?  It’s not about shopping with family and picking out the perfect gift for a loved one anymore.  It’s about a price and steep discounts.  That’s a tragedy.  The culture that Black Friday has created is a nightmare.  I’ve been in retail over 13 years now.  I’ve seen Black Friday go from a fun day of kicking off your holiday shopping to a crazed day filled with chaotic crowds, insane promotions and steep discounts.  Blah!  This is madness and I sincerely hope people are tired of it.  Yes, I work on Black Friday but I’m open from 10am to 6pm.  I don’t have any door busting sales or promotions and we certainly don’t herd you in and out of here like cattle.  If you’re looking for cheap prices, like waking up super early to fight rowdy crowds and generally want to go insane then by all means…hit up your usual Black Friday suspects.  If you want to shop on Friday in a peaceful manner, visit in a comfortable environment and get treated like a human being…then come see us at Sam L. Majors.

Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!