I ran in to my mail man this past Saturday and got a chance to talk to him for a minute.  I asked him why I had seen other mail men delivering packages around town the previous Sunday.  He told me it was because Amazon has sourced out the USPS to deliver ONLY their packages on Sunday.  Apparently if they tell you it will be there in two days….it will be there in two days…..even on a Sunday.  Is this not becoming a little too crazy?  Is it not scaring you how big Amazon is becoming and the power they have developed?  I feel like they have created an obsession with consumers and it’s not one I understand nor am I okay with.  Tom, my mail man, tells me that he delivers bags of dog food to people.  Is our society getting so lazy that you can’t even go down to the local PetSmart, PetCo, Walmart, Sams, grocery store or vet clinic to pick up your animals food?  Is it really necessary to have it delivered to your door step?  I guess shopping now has become more about a convenience rather than an experience.  As a local independent retailer I know how important it is to provide exceptional products and an experience you just can’t get by clicking a button.  I also know that this will be the key to our survival.  Small independent retailers such as myself rely upon our community to support us.  And in turn we support our community through charitable donations, sitting on non-profit boards/committees and buying goods from other local businesses.  But the bigger Amazon grows and the more consumers “buy” in to the convenience of ordering online, the more my concern grows for the little guys out there.  We’re just trying to make a living and provide our community with quality products that they can drive right down the street and pick up from friendly faces.  Faces that have kids that go to school with your kids and play on the same ball team or take ballet together.  There’s no sense of community when you put an item in an online shopping cart and press click to buy.  All you are doing is feeding a monster that only cares about your shipping and billing address.  I get it….some things just aren’t available in smaller markets and require a visit to the online giant.  But do me a favor….the next time you’re playing online and shopping around, for anything, please take a second and think….is there a local store I can swing by and pick this up from?  Thank you

Best Regards,

Marcus Majors, C.G.

Sam L. Majors Jewelers