For years now we’ve been hearing about the rise of online shopping with consumerism turning towards the internet and how it’s going to negatively affect brick and mortar retailers.  I honestly took little warning and didn’t put a whole lot of thought in to it until 2017.  I’ve watched the trend get worse and worse but now it’s a two headed monster and I have no idea how to slay it.  With tremendous discounts and deals given and the promise to deliver in two days it seems like this has appealed to people more than running down to your local retailer and buying what you need.  Do people really think that it’s more convenient to have something delivered to your doorstep than driving down the street?  Have people been consumed with shopping for a price instead of a piece?  Would you rather put something in your “shopping cart”, type in your credit card info, shipping address and hit “confirm”?  Where is the pride in that?  There is none.  Look, I get it, some things you just can’t get locally especially in smaller towns.  I’m understanding of that.  But if there is a nice store in your community that provides good products and services then why wouldn’t you buy locally?  Obviously I’m a big fan of buying locally because I’m in retail too but what people don’t realize is that it’s the small businesses that build and make a community.  And when you take your money else where, like the internet, you are doing a disservice to your local community.  You’re giving your business to an online retailer who could care less about who you are, what you’re about and your family.  They don’t care if you come back or not.  They have your money and they are done with you until you make another purchase from them.  As a local retailer….I see you at restaurants, church, the grocery store, our kids play together, they go to school together, we coach teams together, etc, etc.  Now why wouldn’t you want to support someone you know so well?  Take pride in what your community offers!  Take pride in knowing that you’re supporting someone who turns around and supports the community.  Take pride in knowing you bought a quality product from a local merchant who can answer any questions and take care of any customer service issues immediately.  Isn’t it more exciting to go shopping, talk directly to a human being, pick out exactly what you want, try it on if needed and walk out with your new purchase?!?!  Sure it is!   Happy New Year


Marcus Majors, C.G.