Find a friend in a jeweler.  Why?  Because we’re apart of so many special occasions in your life and we can help you out in a bunch of different situations.  Don’t you want someone you know and trust to be there for you?  How much easier is it to have a personal relationship with a doctor, lawyer, realtor, banker, mechanic, clothier, plumber…etc?  It’s nice right?  You can call them up and get something done in a pinch with a personal touch.  You trust the service they provide you and don’t have to think twice about it.  Well…..that’s no different than what a jeweler can do for you.  We can be a personal shopper because we know what you or a loved one likes.  We can repair that watch or piece of jewelry that you take so much pride in.  We can help you out with special moments for friends, family and loved ones from baby, graduation, birthday, anniversary or just because gifts.  And not only do we provide you with gifts and services but we also coach sports teams together, see each other at church, birthday parties, dinners.  We work on our community and charities together.  We see you on the golf course, at the swimming pool or at the grocery store.  I mean the list goes on.  Why not have a friend in the jewelry business that you know so well and can count on to provide you precious gifts for your most important occasions?  And how nice is to just drive down the street or have us meet you at your office if you’re tied up with work to pick out that perfect gift?  It’s a whole lot easier than ordering something online, waiting on it to be shipped to you and then wondering if you’re even going to like it because you couldn’t see it in person or know the human that sent it to you.  Even going to a big box store is a pain.  You get helped by someone you don’t even know who is most likely on commission and only wants to sell you something so they can get paid.  Once you walk out that door then you just become another click on their traffic counter.  There’s nothing personal about that.  Having a friend as a jeweler can benefit you in so many ways.  We can make shopping easy and comfortable while adding a layer of trust and personal service.  Here’s a good example.  My good friend got married a few years back and I was a groomsman in his wedding.   When his wife put on his wedding band during the ceremony I noticed it was a little snug.  After the ceremony I told him to give it me and I ran to my store (after hours) and was able to stretch the band up to fit him perfectly.   I ran it back up the reception and only missed fifteen minutes of it.  He was thrilled and so was his wife.  Now, can Amazon or Blue Nile do that?  NO.   Would a big chain store go to those lengths?  NO.  But a friend who is a local jeweler will.  So if you have a friend in the business…take advantage of that.  And if you don’t….make an introduction.  We’re good friends who like to serve our good friends…… so here’s to friendship!  Cheers


Marcus Majors, C.G.

Sam L. Majors