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Find A Friend In A Jeweler

Find a friend in a jeweler.  Why?  Because we’re apart of so many special occasions in your life and we can help you out in a bunch of different situations.  Don’t you want someone you know and trust to be there for you?  How much easier is it to have a personal relationship with a doctor, lawyer, realtor, banker, mechanic, clothier, plumber…etc?  It’s nice right?  You can call them up and get something done in a pinch with a personal touch.  You trust the service they provide you and don’t have to think twice about it.  Well…..that’s no different than what a jeweler can do for you.  We can be a personal shopper because we know what you or a loved one likes.  We can repair that watch or piece of jewelry that you take so much pride in.  We can help you out with special moments for friends, family and loved ones from baby, graduation, birthday, anniversary or just because gifts.  And not only do we provide you with gifts and services but we also coach sports teams together, see each other at church, birthday parties, dinners.  We work on our community and charities together.  We see you on the golf course, at the swimming pool or at the grocery store.  I mean the list goes on.  Why not have a friend in the jewelry business that you know so well and can count on to provide you precious gifts for your most important occasions?  And how nice is to just drive down the street or have us meet you at your office if you’re tied up with work to pick out that perfect gift?  It’s a whole lot easier than ordering something online, waiting on it to be shipped to you and then wondering if you’re even going to like it because you couldn’t see it in person or know the human that sent it to you.  Even going to a big box store is a pain.  You get helped by someone you don’t even know who is most likely on commission and only wants to sell you something so they can get paid.  Once you walk out that door then you just become another click on their traffic counter.  There’s nothing personal about that.  Having a friend as a jeweler can benefit you in so many ways.  We can make shopping easy and comfortable while adding a layer of trust and personal service.  Here’s a good example.  My good friend got married a few years back and I was a groomsman in his wedding.   When his wife put on his wedding band during the ceremony I noticed it was a little snug.  After the ceremony I told him to give it me and I ran to my store (after hours) and was able to stretch the band up to fit him perfectly.   I ran it back up the reception and only missed fifteen minutes of it.  He was thrilled and so was his wife.  Now, can Amazon or Blue Nile do that?  NO.   Would a big chain store go to those lengths?  NO.  But a friend who is a local jeweler will.  So if you have a friend in the business…take advantage of that.  And if you don’t….make an introduction.  We’re good friends who like to serve our good friends…… so here’s to friendship!  Cheers


Marcus Majors, C.G.

Sam L. Majors


Big Brands Ain’t Got No Love

I’m a fighter.  Every morning I wake up, I put on my gloves and I get in the ring.  But it’s not what you think.  My ring is my work, my retail store, my small business.  I have to fight everyday with new opponents to survive.  This business isn’t for the weak and it’s not what it used to be.  You survive by being a fighter and have other fighters fight with and for you.  But sometimes you just have to throw in the towel on a fight.  It’s not cowardly, it’s smart.  For example, I have carried a certain big brand for around fifteen years now and we recently decided to part ways.  This brand used to be a small family owned business with the designer hand making all of his pieces and leaving his family and small staff to sell it to world.  For many years we had a great relationship with this designer and his team and it sold well.  Everything was easy.  Go to market, sit down and chat for a while, pick out what you needed to fill in and buy new pieces for the upcoming fall.  But over the years things started to turn.  I started to see some corporate changes coming about.  I started feeling pressure to buy more.  They went from a booth at a trade show to their own private ball room.  Our meetings went from everyone greeting each other and sitting down in a relaxing, calm and non-rushed environment to being herded in like cattle, blowing through the collections and being shuffled out so the next retailer could come in and go through the same process.  Maybe this works for department store buyers or the retailers that own massive stores and have to move from one appointment to the other because they have to buy so much but this doesn’t work for me.  The small independent.  And as this brand grows they’re only going to lose more of the people that made them who they are.  In my conversation with the brand manager of the US it was stated that their new direction going forward with retailers is that they are expecting the retailers to buy in each year at six figures.  What?!?!  This is ludicrous unless you’re Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom or this is the only brand you carry in your store and have 5+ showcases full of their merchandise.  Oh and if it even sells that well…..which it doesn’t.  So the dynamics of this brand have changed.  They went from loving the small independents to squeezing them out.  That’s fine.  They can go fight with the David Yurman’s and John Hardy’s of the department store world, which is what the brand manager actually told me they wanted to do.  So you’re going to go step in to the ring with a bunch brands that have to mass produce product to fill a ton of real estate and for what?  To be recognized as a “big brand”?  To feel important?  To push of ton of product?  If you plan to produce that much merchandise then you certainly can’t claim that it’s all hand made in a small work shop and you certainly can’t claim you use only the best goods in your designs because that wouldn’t make sense.  I’m sad to see the direction of this brand but sadly others are also following suit.  Look, if my yearly investment isn’t enough for you anymore….that’s fine.  There are other designers out there who are hungry and fighting.  Who will take my investment in their designs and use it to pay bills, help put a kid through college, buy a booth a trade show to help get their name out there or to re-invest it in goods to make new designs with.  I’d much rather work with these designers because they create high-end goods that you can’t find in every department store and strewn across the state in dozens of doors.  Their success is your success so it’s a close relationship.  These are the kind of folks I support rather than give my money to a big brand that will only turn around and use my investment to pay for their next marketing campaign that directs my customers to buy from their own website or from a big box store.  My customers appreciate the uniqueness and fresh designs we carry in here.  They like the fact that’s it’s not seen everywhere or they are chased by ads when surfing online.  I’ll keep fighting for the small guys and I’ll look for the same in return.  Have a great day.


Marcus Majors

Where Has The Pride Gone In Consumerism

For years now we’ve been hearing about the rise of online shopping with consumerism turning towards the internet and how it’s going to negatively affect brick and mortar retailers.  I honestly took little warning and didn’t put a whole lot of thought in to it until 2017.  I’ve watched the trend get worse and worse but now it’s a two headed monster and I have no idea how to slay it.  With tremendous discounts and deals given and the promise to deliver in two days it seems like this has appealed to people more than running down to your local retailer and buying what you need.  Do people really think that it’s more convenient to have something delivered to your doorstep than driving down the street?  Have people been consumed with shopping for a price instead of a piece?  Would you rather put something in your “shopping cart”, type in your credit card info, shipping address and hit “confirm”?  Where is the pride in that?  There is none.  Look, I get it, some things you just can’t get locally especially in smaller towns.  I’m understanding of that.  But if there is a nice store in your community that provides good products and services then why wouldn’t you buy locally?  Obviously I’m a big fan of buying locally because I’m in retail too but what people don’t realize is that it’s the small businesses that build and make a community.  And when you take your money else where, like the internet, you are doing a disservice to your local community.  You’re giving your business to an online retailer who could care less about who you are, what you’re about and your family.  They don’t care if you come back or not.  They have your money and they are done with you until you make another purchase from them.  As a local retailer….I see you at restaurants, church, the grocery store, our kids play together, they go to school together, we coach teams together, etc, etc.  Now why wouldn’t you want to support someone you know so well?  Take pride in what your community offers!  Take pride in knowing that you’re supporting someone who turns around and supports the community.  Take pride in knowing you bought a quality product from a local merchant who can answer any questions and take care of any customer service issues immediately.  Isn’t it more exciting to go shopping, talk directly to a human being, pick out exactly what you want, try it on if needed and walk out with your new purchase?!?!  Sure it is!   Happy New Year


Marcus Majors, C.G.

Independent Retailers vs Amazon

I ran in to my mail man this past Saturday and got a chance to talk to him for a minute.  I asked him why I had seen other mail men delivering packages around town the previous Sunday.  He told me it was because Amazon has sourced out the USPS to deliver ONLY their packages on Sunday.  Apparently if they tell you it will be there in two days….it will be there in two days…..even on a Sunday.  Is this not becoming a little too crazy?  Is it not scaring you how big Amazon is becoming and the power they have developed?  I feel like they have created an obsession with consumers and it’s not one I understand nor am I okay with.  Tom, my mail man, tells me that he delivers bags of dog food to people.  Is our society getting so lazy that you can’t even go down to the local PetSmart, PetCo, Walmart, Sams, grocery store or vet clinic to pick up your animals food?  Is it really necessary to have it delivered to your door step?  I guess shopping now has become more about a convenience rather than an experience.  As a local independent retailer I know how important it is to provide exceptional products and an experience you just can’t get by clicking a button.  I also know that this will be the key to our survival.  Small independent retailers such as myself rely upon our community to support us.  And in turn we support our community through charitable donations, sitting on non-profit boards/committees and buying goods from other local businesses.  But the bigger Amazon grows and the more consumers “buy” in to the convenience of ordering online, the more my concern grows for the little guys out there.  We’re just trying to make a living and provide our community with quality products that they can drive right down the street and pick up from friendly faces.  Faces that have kids that go to school with your kids and play on the same ball team or take ballet together.  There’s no sense of community when you put an item in an online shopping cart and press click to buy.  All you are doing is feeding a monster that only cares about your shipping and billing address.  I get it….some things just aren’t available in smaller markets and require a visit to the online giant.  But do me a favor….the next time you’re playing online and shopping around, for anything, please take a second and think….is there a local store I can swing by and pick this up from?  Thank you

Best Regards,

Marcus Majors, C.G.

Sam L. Majors Jewelers

The Dog Days Of Summer

The dog days of summer are upon us.  I’m sure many of you are traveling to the lake, mountains or beach this summer and getting those vacations in before school time rolls around.  It’s important to remember though to have your jewelry checked and cleaned periodically to make sure everything is in good shape.  It never fails that we get a flood of customers coming in around late August to early September with repairs needed on their prized jewels that were damaged during the summertime adventures.   A lot of these repairs could be avoided with regular checking and maintenance.  Do we understand that your schedules are packed during the summer months?  Absolutely, but if you have a free moment please stop by and let us clean and check your jewelry/watches.  It takes just a few moments and could possibly prevent a trip back in for a repair.  Plus, there are many occasions for gift giving (even in the summer) and jewelry is always a great choice.  While you’re in getting your jewelry cleaned/checked take a look around and see what jumps out at you.  We have several new pieces in stock that would be a great addition to your summertime wardrobe.  Or it might be a great opportunity to start your wish list for the holidays.  So when you’re in town and have some free time please stop by and let us check your jewels and show you around the store.  You never know when you’ll find your next treasure.  Have a great summer and we look forward to seeing you soon.


Marcus Majors, C.G.

Sam L. Majors


Local Matters

As a small business owner I understand the importance of the phrase “shop local”.  After all…that is my lifeline.  I’m a local retailer and I count on my customers to keep their money here in Midland.  I also shop with other local retailers for their products knowing that I’m helping a family and not a corporation.  It’s important to give the little guys a chance before turning to online or big box stores.  And more times than not, you’re also going to be getting a better product and service.  I’m very passionate about supporting my local community.  By keeping your money local you are helping a family send a child to school, put food on the table, cloths on their backs and helping them give back to the community as well.

Today I wanted to talk about local artist  Danny Jordan.  Danny has an extraordinary talent and his artwork is out of this world.  It’s next level craftsmanship and he lives right here in Midland, Texas.  Danny’s newest technique called Liquid Crystal is insane and he is the only one around here to have mastered the technique.  I have three of his works of art right here at Sam L. Majors.  Two are for sale because I actually bought one for myself.  If you’re looking for a special gift and need an idea then look no further.  Not only are his works of art timeless but they are unmatched by anyone else around here.  And he can paint you anything.  You drum up the idea and he’ll create a beauty for you.  Danny’s talents need to be recognized, seen and given the respect they deserve.  If you like to buy local and love art then I need to introduce you to Danny Jordan.  Please stop by and take a look at his masterpieces if you get a chance.  You won’t be disappointed.

Marcus Majors

A Week To Give Thanks And The Tragedy Known As Black Friday

This week always carries a happy tone for me and brings back so many fond memories.  To me it’s the start of the holiday season but even better…it’s a week to spend time with family, friends and to just relax.  My memories from Thanksgiving growing up were going to Kerrville to visit my grandparents and lots of cousins.  While my grandmother and her helping hands would prepare an outrageous and over the top meal, my brother, sister and I along with our cousins would explore the beautiful lands of the Texas Hill Country.  And then on Friday the gals would go shopping around the small towns of the Hill Country while the guys would all go play golf.  These are memories that I will never forget!  Things are different now.  We all have our own families and plans change from year to year.  But one thing has stayed the same….we still love giving thanks, spending time with our family and creating new memories to cherish forever.

I do want to talk about a trend that has dominated Thanksgiving over the past several years and no, it’s not the actual holiday.  It’s a monster known as Black Friday.  Is it me or has this day gone from something fun to do for people to a day of all out madness?  I read an article this morning that said Black Friday is dying a slow death.  Has it finally become too much?  I mean the insanity starts on Thanksgiving Day now!  To me…this is criminal.    The sales aren’t just on Friday anymore either.  They start at ridiculous hours on Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and what ever else these giant retailers can drum up.  It’s too much!  This is not how the shopping experience should be.  Where’s the fun and holiday spirit?  It’s not about shopping with family and picking out the perfect gift for a loved one anymore.  It’s about a price and steep discounts.  That’s a tragedy.  The culture that Black Friday has created is a nightmare.  I’ve been in retail over 13 years now.  I’ve seen Black Friday go from a fun day of kicking off your holiday shopping to a crazed day filled with chaotic crowds, insane promotions and steep discounts.  Blah!  This is madness and I sincerely hope people are tired of it.  Yes, I work on Black Friday but I’m open from 10am to 6pm.  I don’t have any door busting sales or promotions and we certainly don’t herd you in and out of here like cattle.  If you’re looking for cheap prices, like waking up super early to fight rowdy crowds and generally want to go insane then by all means…hit up your usual Black Friday suspects.  If you want to shop on Friday in a peaceful manner, visit in a comfortable environment and get treated like a human being…then come see us at Sam L. Majors.

Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!

Elizabeth Locke Trunk Show

Today we are hosting an Elizabeth Locke Trunk Show.  Elizabeth’s designs have been some of our best sellers for years now and many customers have developed a collection of her pieces.  Stop by today if you have a chance and see some beautiful jewels.  Maybe even make a wish list for Christmas.  Below is a bio on Elizabeth so you know her background and can understand her passion.


Elizabeth Locke draws on a lifelong fascination with the antique jewelry of the Etruscans, Greeks and Romans as she creates her own neo-classical hand-made 19k gold jewelry. She selects every stone and designs every piece herself. While many covet the luminescent stones or the Venetian glass intaglios in her designs, Elizabeth’s deepest passion is for one-of-a-kind antiquities: 19th century micro mosaics and pietra duras, 18th century Chinese gambling counters, Essex crystals, miniature paintings or antique Japanese porcelain buttons.

The search for the perfect bit of history to incorporate into her designs takes Elizabeth flying around the globe to European markets, antique shows and auctions in what she terms the “continual treasure hunt.” The antique porcelain button turns into a pendant or brooch, and the 2,000-year-old coin transforms into a ring or cuff links, continuing Elizabeth’s artistic vision and the craftsmanship of 35 Thai goldsmiths dedicated to bringing her designs to life using centuries old goldsmithing techniques.

Elizabeth’s love of the classics began at age 11, when her father took her to Italy for the first time. The graceful goddesses, sphinxes and caryatids enchanted her. Elizabeth vowed to learn to speak Italian and move to Italy – both promises that she kept as she received a graduate degree in Italian literature from the University of Florence, then spent years running her first business in Italy.

After moving back to the United States, Elizabeth worked as a contributing editor for Town and Country magazine. A story on shopping in Bangkok turned out to be a life-altering event and eventually led her to a degree in gemology and her life’s vocation. She began Elizabeth Locke Jewels in 1988, relying on her experiences abroad and fueled by her visual sensibility. The business took off, thanks to her blend of entrepreneurial spirit and artistry.



Today is the last day of October and affectionately know as Halloween.  Although, at 90 degrees it certainly doesn’t feel like it.  This is the week when I can really start to see the transition from fall to holiday spirits.  Before you know it, it will be Thanksgiving and then we’ll have the mad dash to Christmas.  People will look up and think….wasn’t it just July?  So this fall/holiday season will start this week here at Sam L. Majors by kicking off with an Elizabeth Locke exclusive showing on Wednesday, November 2nd from 10am until 6pm.  We’ll have a store full of gorgeous designs from Elizabeth and we’ll be offering tasty refreshments.  Stop by and treat yourself to some stunning jewels and maybe walk out with a new bauble for your collection.  Or create a wish list so there’s no second guessing for your significant other when Christmas rolls around.  If you’re not familiar with Elizabeth Locke then please stop by and take a look….you’ll be glad you did.  Have a wonderful and safe Halloween!

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